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Our Process
It is our belief that a polygraph when properly administered by a well-trained, competent examiner that utilizes a validated testing technique, has a high degree of accuracy in detecting truthfulness or deception. In order to ensure this high degree of accuracy and reliability, all examinations shall be conducted as set forth in the Standards of Practice of the APA as well as the Association for Sexual Treatment of Sexual Abusers. (ATSA)

Our specific issue polygraph examination consists of these steps:

  • A personal conference
  • A pretest interview with the subject
  • The collection of physiological responses
  • The review and interpretation of the polygraph charts

Upon completion of the examination, a verbal report will be given to the client. A written report providing a synopsis of the case information is also provided. This report includes a list of the main issues, the subject's answers, and the professional opinion of the examiner as to the subject's truthfulness or deception.

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